Greek Resources 

The core texts used in my studies:


  1. Greek: An Intensive Course • Hansen and Quinn (Fordham)

Support Resources——

  1. Greek Grammar • Smyth (Harvard)
  2. Greek—English Lexicon • Liddell and Scott (Oxford)
  3. Introduction to Attic Greek • Mastronarde (University of California). Excellent explanation of accentuation with online resources.
  4. Grammaire Homérique (Tome 1: Phonétique et Morphologie)  Chantraine (Librairie C. Klincksieck). n.b.—Greek with French text.

Greek Literature in the Original——

  1. The Agamemnon • ed. Fraenkel (3 vol.) (Oxford). Greek text with English prolegomena and commentary.
  2. The Herakles • ed. Wilamowitz-Möllendorf (3 vol.) (Akademie-Verlag GMBH). n.b.—Greek text with German commentary.
  3. Novum Testamentum Graece • Nestle–Aland (Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft). Greek text with German and English introductions.
  4. Antigone • R.C. Jebb (Bristol Classical Text). 
  5. Troades • K.H. Lee (Bristol Classical Text).

Resources in English

Most often consulted or of high interest:

  1. Surviving Greek Tragedy • Garland (Duckworth). About the transmission and provenance of extant manuscripts.
  2. The Text of the New Testament • Metzger/Ehrman (Oxford). Similar to the book above but regarding the New Testament.
  3. Ancient Greek Scholarship • Dickey (Oxford). Indispensable for understanding scholia and commentaries.
  4. A Syntax of New Testament Greek • Nunn (Cambridge)
  5. A Textual Commentary on the Greek of the New Testament • Metzger (Deutsche Bibel Gesellschaft)
  6. The Oxford Classical Dictionary • Hornblower and Spawforth (Oxford)

Online Resources——

  1. The Good Text Guide
  2. Greek New Testament Manuscript Key
  3. Greek Language and Literature • excellent resources with regard to reading Greek by the late Professor William Harris.
Reading Lists——
  1. NYU Graduate Lists


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